About Navajo Technology Services, LLC

Navajo Technology Services, LLC

Vernon Livingston, President


Phone: (928) 551-5555

PHYSICAL ADDRESS:                         MAILING ADDRESS:

25 Route N54                                     PO Box 594

Ft Defiance, AZ 86504                       Window Rock, AZ 86515

Navajo Technology Services, LLC (NTS) is a Navajo owned and operated sole proprietorship and limited liability company. Vernon Livingston, President resides in the Window Rock, AZ community and comes from a large Navajo family that owns and operate successful businesses on and off the Navajo Nation (NN).

Mission Statement – NTS will bridge the technology gap for organization lacking critical IT resources through managed IT services.

Navajo Technology Services will provide the most up to date technology resources to its clients to meet their growing needs and technological advancements.  NTS will provide Information Technology Managed Services to all tribal, federal, and state government agencies across the United States.

By becoming a registered Navajo Preference IT Managed Service provider NTS will be able to provide IT Services to government agencies who lack IT resources. I will have the advantage of Indian/Navajo Preference for most Request for Proposals (RFPs) for any tribal entity or minority business.

NTS aims to start locally across the Navajo Nation. With 5+ years of experience working for the Navajo Nation and being a Core Navajo Cyber Team member. I am familiar with the landscape, distance, network capabilities, procurement, process and needs of the Navajo Nation Government. I have committed many years of service to the Navajo Nation and gained the trust of many IT Professionals who are decisions makers.

NTS will be successful, because there has not been a Navajo owned Managed Service provider local to the Navajo Nation. After studying the target market, there is a gap in knowledge for IT professional because most IT professionals are expected to cover a wide range of IT duties. By providing Managed services I can fill those gaps with professional resources.   NTS has the ability to grow rapidly by starting business with the Navajo Nation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Services, Navajo Gaming Enterprise and other local small businesses on around the Navajo Nation. I have made many professional connections across the United States, by presenting and networking at large conferences, work sessions and summits.

NTS is looking for partnerships and investments to grow a Navajo owned business with scalability and professionalism in mind.

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